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Travel Mother Family in Vermont

Hello and welcome to the record of our family adventures!

I hope that if traveling abroad with your kids is a real wish, that you’ll find inspiration and tips to do so through this website.  It is a wild, ever-changing and exciting lifestyle.  There are certainly challenges along the way, but we’re learning to ride the waves of this amazing ride.  After about two years in Central America, we truly wouldn’t have it any other way.

It all started with a “test drive” in Norway.  My husband had created an online business with a friend, and we needed to confirm that working remotely–while traveling and with a baby–was something we really liked.  We explored Oslo, Trondheim and Bergen through most of Summer 2011.  Our son was 12 months old when we arrived, and it was wonderful to watch him develop his walking and talking skills in the land of my ancestors.  Sharing an office with a toddler wasn’t easy, but it was manageable.  I’d take him out on child-friendly meandering missions when my husband needed absolute quiet, and luckily, there were plenty of parks to linger in.  We deemed the summer excursion a success and nearly didn’t return at that point.

But, we had responsibilities at home, so we dragged ourselves back to Maryland to plan the ultimate escape.  We sold our possessions, made another baby and bought a one way ticket to Costa Rica.  This was to be just a three-month stop on the road, but we instantly fell in love with the land of Pura Vida and stayed for over two years (with a few months in Nicaragua as well).

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As we still had the itch to wander, we decided to experience more of life in Europe.  We vagabonded Europe with two kids and two carry-ons, for about a year!  We settled briefly (almost 6 months) in the Netherlands, where my sister lives.  It was a priceless experience, being near family…sending my son to school with his cousins… feeling all the coziness of a historic home in a tiny village.

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And then… as our visa was running out and we were again feeling the desire to pull to see more of the world, we came back to the States for Christmas and spontaneously bought a fixer-upper in Vermont!  I’d never been to this mountainous New England state, and we thought it would be fun to experience everything that a little town up here has to offer.  We’ve spent 2016 hiking the area’s many trails, jumping into the endless swimming holes, wandering farmers markets and quirky cities, and falling in love with the adventure of homeschooling.  It’s been lovely to feel settled again for a minute, but of course…we’re off again soon!

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We plan to be back down to our home away from home–Costa Rica!–within the next few months.  Once you’ve been infected with La Pura Vida, you’re never the same.  =)

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Please come along for the ride and discover why traveling with kids makes the journey even better!

family in Vik, Iceland.

Thank you to all of our followers for your encouragement and support!

~Emily, Chris, Henrik & Petra