Traveling with the Ergobaby Original and Ergo Stowaway Carriers

I have become a devoted fan of Ergobaby, after building a serious relationship with my Original Camel/Black carrier.  I don’t know how I could get around down here in Costa Rica without it.  Traveling on buses is impossible with a stroller, the baby is appeased while being held, and I have two hands free with the Ergo–it’s a no brainer.  When I saw that Ergobaby had come out with the Stowaway, a simpler, lighter version of the Original, I had to have it (just ask my husband).  Imagine my excitement when Ergobaby responded to my review request and also invited me to do a giveaway for my readers!  I am pleased to give the Stowaway a warm review, due to its weightlessness, simplicity, comfort, and because my husband will actually wear it.

Ergo Carrier

Soon after receiving this carrier, we were returning to Costa Rica from a visit in the States–what a great opportunity to put the Ergo Stowaway to the test.  Having an additional carrier proved to be vastly helpful, because our son could also be worn.  The last time we took this same trip, we spent a lot of time chasing this little guy, begging him to hold our hands, and trying to carry him unsupported, with all our other baggage!

Occasionally, when our son is tired of walking, he’ll ask, “Carry me, Mommy, too?”  With the Stowaway–and my husband–we can easily meet his request.  The Stowaway is very light, only weighing a pound, and easy to transport.  Due to its size and weight, it makes sense to always have on hand.  It folds into it’s own pocket and has a loop to attach to our diaper bag.  We usually have enough room in our Ergobaby backpack to keep it inside with the other baby items.  Being a traveling family, it is wonderful to decrease our stress and load by tossing this light carrier in our bag.

Keep it super simple.  There are no unnecessary buttons or buckles, or pockets or frills to fuss with.  The body material is 100% recycled polyester, the lining is 100% organic cotton poplin, and it is 100% easy to clean.  My Original Ergo carrier needs to be thrown in the washer every several weeks, whereas the Stowaway can be spot cleaned in the swipe of a wet towel… and what mother doesn’t have a wet towel handy?  What’s more, storing it is a snap.  After a few weeks of using the Stowaway, I am an expert folder-upper, and can pop it off and store it away neatly in just a few seconds.

Ergo Carrier Banner

After months of building trust in the comfort and quality of my Original Ergo, I was worried that this lightweight, minimalistic carrier wouldn’t be as supportive.  I have a long history of back discomfort, and I really need an ergo-dynamic carrier. (Hence my initial interest in the “Ergo”).  Happily, even after wearing my daughter all day–on buses and walking all over town–my back feels fine!  My baby is comfortable too, as she can breastfeed effortlessly and snooze in either carrier.  The only reason why I often choose to wear my Original here is because the Stowaway does not have a zippered front pocket.  If it did, it would be my go-to carrier.   I like my system of keeping my wallet in my zippered front pocket, where I can easily access it.

So, because there is no zippered pocket, the Ergo Stowaway has become “Daddy’s carrier.”  He prefers the Stowaway because it “just blends in.”  It’s sleek and less noticeable, while the Original feels like a full-on extra garment.  He is a lover of simple, well-made and efficient products.  The Stowaway gets his high-standard stamp of approval.  To my other baby-wearing mothers out there who just can’t seem to get their partner to take a turn with the Ergobaby, give the Stowaway a try.  If you travel a lot or are always on the go (what Mom isn’t?) and need something you can easily pack and grab–this carrier was made for you.

Here is a clip of my thoughts on the Stowaway (pardon my cheeky boy), with beautiful Grecia in the background:

Ergo Stowaway Review from Costa Rica

Whatever carrier you choose, you are sure to enjoy the bond created by wearing your baby.  The warmth and love that lives within the embrace of these carriers is priceless; it is a joy of parenthood that would be a shame to miss out on.

You can purchase a Stowaway here.

Ergo Stowaway Carrier

Off to explore!

I’m so glad one of my lovely readers will win a Stowaway for themselves!

*This giveaway is open to those with a US mailing address only.

Disclosure:  I was provided with a Stowaway carrier by Erogbaby to facilitate this review.  These are my honest thoughts and opinions.

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