Pregnant in Costa Rica

Surprise!  We’re having a baby in Costa Rica!  I am currently about 5.5 months along, and our little one is due in May.  We arrived about a week ago, with our first appointment with an obstetrician at the CIMA hospital arranged beforehand.  Yesterday, we were finally able to have our anatomy scan.

Some of the sonogram with Dra. Kim is included in Friday’s vlog:

Living in Costa Rica

I was very excited for this appointment, as I’d only had one visit with a midwife so far this pregnancy.  I couldn’t wait to get a peek at the one who has been kicking me for quite a while now.

There was a bit of stress getting there, as we missed the exit for CIMA, which meant we had to go through an extra toll, and then found ourselves behind the entrance, with nowhere to park!  I ended up jumping out of the car and going through a gate to find my way to the doctor’s office, while Chris got back on the highway to find the correct entrance.

Luckily, he and the kids joined me in time to go in for the appointment.  Doctora Kim was nice and didn’t rush through our visit, even though she had a few people in the waiting room.  She welcomed the kids in to watch the sonogram, which was a special experience for our family.

Thank goodness, everything looked fine and we managed to resist finding out the gender!  (Total cost of the prenatal checkup and sonogram: 50,000 colones).

I then walked next door to the main hospital, and asked to take a tour of the birthing rooms.  A nurse that spoke some English was very happy to show me around.  The room looked very similar to the birthing rooms at Saint Joseph’s Hospital in Maryland, where I delivered my first two children.  Each room has a bed, couch that can covert to a bed, bathroom with shower, standard crib for the baby and a TV.  Pretty standard, right?

There are also two suites that can be used for an additional cost (the nurse estimated it is around 100,000 colones extrabut said to check with the billing office).  The suite had a large room with couches and another TV, and a door to separate it from the main birthing area.  Definitely a tempting option if we find ourselves having to bring the kids along for the delivery!  (Which she said was OK, but not recommended).  Up to five visitors are allowed in this room.

Both the doctor and nurse confirmed that I am welcome to deliver in this room, if all is going smoothly.  However, they normally transfer all women to a sterile operating room for the final pushes, or cesarean section.  I would much rather stay in one place during labor!

I am still planning to speak with a midwife in nearby Heredia to explore the home birth option.

So, now I can relax and grow this baby on papayas, gallo pinto and lots of queso frito–my current indulgences.  I’m also self-prescribing lots of rest and a touch of sunshine.

Five months pregnant with bola necklace.


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