In the 3+ years that we have been wandering, I have been the sole voice of Travel Mother. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, my husband Chris has quietly kept the site going with all his magical computer skills. As a new method of capturing our wild life, we’ve recently started something fun to allow you all to get to know our whole family much better. We’ve jumped into the vlogging waters of Youtube! We have decided to unfold our journey through the new Travel Mother Vlog as we again focus on selling our possessions in the US and launching back into a life of global travel.

Here’s the first of our daily videos:

Travel Mother Vlog Intro

Just to catch everyone up on our wild journey up until this point, we have moved quite a bit in the last few years. On New Year’s Eve 2012, we left our average life in Maryland, USA for the mysterious adventure of living abroad. We began our travels in the stunning Central American country of Costa Rica. We’d planned on staying only three months before pressing on, but instead became utterly smitten with all the goodness that is held in that beautiful place. We stayed in Costa Rica for two years instead of three months.

In 2015, we ripped ourselves away from la pura vida in order to continue our travels abroad. We basically backpacked Europe with two carry-ons, two backpacks and two kids (and the nifty nano stroller).  After completing our European tour with a lovely six month stop in the Netherlands, we headed back to Grandma and Pop-Pop’s without knowing which direction to head next.

And then we saw a really good deal on a fixer-upper in Vermont. So, we’ve been in New England’s green mountains for the last few months, and are of course ready for something new! Our plan is to quickly restore and flip this 1800’s Vermont home and get our family back on the vagabond road.

Please subscribe to our vlog on Youtube and join us during this transition. If you are interested in wrapping up life as you know it and taking off on a path of travel, this is for you!

Pura Vida and Happy Travels!

Emily, Chris, Henrik & Petra

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