Moving our family to Costa Rica.

Well, we’re at it again.  And by “it,” I mean relocating to another country.  The winters of Vermont (where we spent most of 2016) are pretty harsh, and for a few reasons, we thought it best to head back to sunny, beautiful Costa Rica for another chapter.  We’ve rented a home in Atenas for the next six months, and have no specific plan afterwards.

I’ve been hit with the same rush of intense happiness that Costa Rica always welcomes me with, and I can live with that for quite a while.  The kids repeatedly tell us how happy they are to be here, and that alone makes the trip worth it.

Girl on hammock in Costa Rica.

See the twinkle in her eye?

We’ve started up the vlog again.  Keeping it updated is one of my New Year’s Resolutions.  My other resolutions include the 365 photo project (which you can follow on Facebook), doing yoga every day, and eating a papaya every day.  That last one is not really a resolution, but seems to be occurring on its own.

Here is our first vlog from Costa Rica, 2017!

Travel Mother Vlog Intro

Our cat made the journey with us (more about that later).  He has been cautiously investigating the new environment–inspecting insect visitors, listening to unusual bird sounds and looking for good places to perch.

He likes the counter, but Chris doesn’t approve.

Cat on kitchen counter

We’ve been setting up the house and settling in to a normal routine: rising early, eating papayas, cooking meals with a tropical flare, telecommuting from hammocks and watching the children explore the yard.  Time has slowed down, like it always does upon our arrival, and we are easing into a new phase of peace for our family.  It’s good to be back.




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